Hello, world!

Welcome to Integration Junction, the Salesforce-oriented developer blog by Vernon Keenan and the team at Taxnexus.

I am the proud owner and operator of a communication service provider in Berkeley called  Telnexus. We use the 2600hz communications cloud.

We are finishing up a giant telecom billing project. This code has spun out of the telecom into Taxnexus, and I’ve taken on the role of Tech Lead for all Telnexus and Taxnexus system development work.

Coding is fun!

We need excellent developers at Taxnexus, and we are working on stuff more fun than tax algorithms! By sharing my coding secrets with you, gentle reader, I hope to engage with just the right person to join our team! If you think that person is you, send us an email to jobs@taxnexus.net.

If you do send us an email, be sure to prove you have checked out our website, as well as delving into this blog.

What will Integration Junction become? That’s the real question here! Probably some tips and tricks for the Salesforce developer community, and maybe some observations on the state of developer-type things.

Here’s a list of possible topics to come:

  • Object-Relational Modeling and Salesforce: Is there such a thing?
  • Killing off Conga — It Can Be Done!
  • PHP and Go as Salesforce App Server environments — Pros and Cons

Let’s hope these posts will be useful. And, here we go!